Combined Training Show

Combined Training Show with a Twist

We are excited to introduce to you our combined training show.  This is a step-up from our fun shows and will be a three-phase showing opportunity.

Dates: February 8th and March 7th, 2020

Three phases of the combined training show

In-hand class

combined training showYou will be judged on your ability to show your horse in a traditional triangle set-up. You will show your horse at the walk, trot, and stand your horse for inspection by the judge. The pattern will be posted at the show.

Dressage test

combined training showYou will be able to ride any of the following tests. They will be as a USDF test.

Intro A, B, C, Training 1, 2, 3.


combined training showThere are four levels of jumping classes – poles, 18″ cross rails, 18″ verticals, and 2′. The jumping classes will be judged as an optimum time round. The time will be posted at the show. A rail down will add 3 seconds to your time.

All classes will be pinned, separately, to fourth place.  Scores will then combined for the champion and reserve champion of the day and series.

Age brackets for placings and championships

  • 15 and under
  • Adults ( 16 and above)

You will have the option so sign up for an additional jumping round (providing you have entered a combined jumping class). This class will be part of the class pinning but not count towards the championship. You have to state in advance which class you want to ride in the championship.

Download a class list here.


Combined training test – $75 per horse/rider combination ($65 PayPal)

In hand only – $20 check, $18 PayPal
Dressage only – $35 check, $33 PayPal
Jumping only – $20 check, $18 PayPal

Additional jumping round $10

Points allocation

Placement in each jumping and in-hand class will be converted to points

1st place = 10 points
2nd place = 6 points
3d place = 4 points
4th place = 2 points.

These will be added to each rider/horse combinations’ dressage score to place the Champion and reserve champion.

Judging criterium for in-hand class

Each criterion is scored 1-10 with 10 being the highest.

  • Presentation
  • Handlers ability to control the horse
  • Handlers ability to show the horse in a way that shows off the movement of the horse.
  • To stand the horse

Entry Form

For more information contact us or call 970-270-9752